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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks no. 36—Rebecca Howe Day (1808-1876)

A search for the Day family in central Kentucky during the 1800’s reveals a large extended family, difficult to sort. My 3rd great-grandmother Rebecca was born into this clan on the 5th of June, 1808. She was named for her maternal grandmother, Rebecca Howe. Her parents were Daniel Day and Rhoda Hoskins. Young Rebecca actually was born in Tennessee, but the family soon moved on to Kentucky.

Rebecca’s father died when she was young, and she became the ward of her grandfather, John Day, a Revolutionary War veteran from Virginia. The family had settled in Morgan County when they reached Kentucky. There, Rebecca met a blacksmith, Daniel Sherman, and they decided to marry. The marriage took place on September 4, 1826 when Rebecca was eighteen years old.

Over the next years, Rebecca and Daniel traveled around central Kentucky and southern Ohio, wherever Daniel found work. Together they raised a large family of about ten children. By the time the Civil War broke out, they resided in Madison County, Kentucky.

At some point as the war progressed, they made the decision to move north. On April 29, 1863, they sold their small holding in Madison County. After that, Daniel disappears from the record. They may have relocated to Johnson County, Indiana where their eldest son, Anderson Sherman, lived.

By 1870, Rebecca, by then a widow, had moved again, following some of her children to Edgar County, Illinois. That year her household included her third son, John, and a granddaughter Anna Petronellia, the daughter of Rebecca’s second son, Thomas. Other Sherman children (Thomas Sherman, Evaline Sherman Alvey, and Jasper Sherman) lived in the same county.

Rebecca died in Edgar County on September 28, 1876. She was buried in the Swango Cemetery in Symmes Township although her grave is unmarked.

Much research remains to do on Rebecca and her birth family. Sources conflict on when and where her father died. Some family members claim her mother lived to be over 100 years old, although we have no proof of that. Some researchers claim Rebecca descended from the illustrious Howe family of Revolutionary War fame with connections to the English royal family.

Rebecca Howe Day will make a fascinating research subject when time permits.


2 Responses to “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks no. 36—Rebecca Howe Day (1808-1876)”

  • Mary:

    I found your post about Rebecca Howe DAY while researching family history for a friend. Rebecca is my friend’s 4G grandmother. You might be interested to know that my friend just had are DNA tested on 23andme and her mtDNA haplogroup is “I”. Rebecca DAY would have the same haplogroup as she is on my friend’s direct female line (mother to daughter). Please email me if you have any information about the parents of Daniel Sherman or Rebecca Day. My friend descends from their daughter Elizabeth, wife of John H. Glover.

  • J. Patric Fannin:

    I am interested in the ancestors of Virginia “Jenny” Day, whose father was supposedly John Day of Floyd Co., Ky.. Virginia “Jenny” married Hezekiah Fults (aka Fulks, Fultz, etc.) on 22 Aug., 1822 in Floyd Co., Ky.

    In Annuals of Floyd Co. KY, this marriage is listed incorrectly, it is listed with John Fulks/Fults/Fultz as the husband in their marriage listing. John Fulks/Fults/Fultz is the older brother of my Hezekiah Fulks; John married Dicy Slone, dau of Shadrack Slone and Katherine Reynolds, July 15, 1816 in Floyd Co. KY.

    I would like to know the names of Virginia “Jenny” Day’s parents & grandparents. Please contact me at: jpfannin{AT]

    Thank you,

    Pat Fannin

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