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Daniel Dunbar Disappears

My second great-grandmother, Olive Hall (Dunbar) Riddle (1823-1902) had an older brother named Daniel H. Dunbar. We do not know what became of him.

His name appears in only a few records:

  1. His birth registration says he was born 8 Sep 1809 at Chatham, Massachusetts.
  2. On 12 Sep 1833, he and several siblings quitclaimed their interest in Chatham land owned by their late father, Benjamin E. Dunbar (1776-1831).
  3. On 8 May 1837, he conveyed an interest in inherited real estate in Stow, then-Portage County, Ohio.
  4. On 12 Apr 1843, he was mentioned as co-owner of Stow, Ohio land sold at Sheriff’s sale.

Did 22-year-old Daniel make the move to Ohio in 1831 with the rest of his family? Or did he remain behind in Massachusetts? Did he go elsewhere?

No male of Daniel’s age (31) resided in his mother’s Ohio household in 1840 nor has he been found in his own household that year. No marriage record for him has been found.

Census records for 1840, 1850, and 1860 list several men named Daniel Dunbar who were born about 1809 in Massachusetts, but none of these men fit our Daniel’s profile:

  1. Daniel Dunbar of West Bridgewater, MA. This Daniel’s parents were Daniel and Nicola Dunbar.
  2. Daniel Dunbar of Ware, MA. This Daniel was usually referred to as Daniel 2nd. He was the son of John Dunbar.
  3. Daniel Dunbar of Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio. This Daniel married Clarissa Brown at Palmer, MA in 1820. Our Daniel would have been only 11 years old at that time.
  4. Daniel Dunbar of Westley, Washington County, Ohio. This Daniel began paying Ohio taxes in 1822 when our Daniel was a 13-year-old living in Massachusetts.

Was Daniel still living in 1840 but not enumerated on the census? If he had already died, one wonders why he was mentioned in the 1843 Sheriff’s sale.

If his death did not occur before 1840, he surely must have died by 1850 when again he was not recorded on the census. No death information for Daniel has been found, and his burial is not recorded in the family plot in Stow.

What happened to Daniel H. Dunbar, son of Benjamin?



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