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Spending Time with the Descendants

We have had busy times in recent weeks, but not with our genealogy. Or maybe I could call it genealogy, in a way. After all, genealogy includes the study of descendants as well as ancestors.

Our six grandchildren have needed more attention lately. Seems like I have had at least one kid around nearly every day. Enjoying activities with them precludes any serious research. I feel so very far behind on it.

Yet I choose to spend this time with them now, while I have these opportunities. So I have kept a two-year-old while his mom volunteers at the elementary school and takes his siblings to the doctor. I have taken a 10-year-old to a weekly Bible movie during Lent. I have entertained a one-year-old once a week so her mom can get a well-deserved day off. And then there are the soccer games.

Meanwhile, searching for all the grandchildren’s ancestors will need to wait a bit. After all, their Ampuja, Bentsen, Carter, Day, Dunbar, Hall, Howe, Lampinen, Mattila, Miettinen, Myllynen, Reed, Riddle, Sherman, and Templeton forebears are not going anywhere.

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