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Writing and More Writing

I seem to be busy with writing projects this month. I have some related to genealogy, some not. Working on these has taken up a lot of my time lately:

  1. The Colorado Genealogical Society has hosted a writing contest in recent years. I have been working on a submission for the Black Sheep portion of the contest. My subject, Seymour Riddle (1858-1934), served prison time for larceny and then became a sheepherder in Wyoming and Montana. In his final days, he lived as a recluse under a bridge.
  2. Every week, I try to write a genealogy-related blog post.
  3. I serve as my neighborhood’s representative to local government. I write a monthly newsletter to keep my neighbors informed on actions that affect them.
  4. This year I was elected Secretary of my local Sons of Norway lodge. Every month I need to write up the minutes of our lodge and Board meetings.
  5. Annually, I choose an ancestor and write about his or her life. I distribute these to several relatives at Christmas time. I have been doing this for over ten years, and I have completed character sketches for my great-grandparents and my great-great grandparents. This year, I will step back another generation. I hope to uncover some new information to write about third great-grandparents in either Norway or Finland—Anders Bentsen (1823-1857), Anne Larsdatter (ca. 1820-?), Johan Larsen (1824-1876), Sara Andrine Möllersdatter (1814-1880), Knud Sjursen (1816-1885), Brita Kristoffersdatter (1816-1887), Hans Enok Pedersen (1813-1898), Maren Anna Serina Andersdatter (c1812-1886), Abel Andersson Mattila (c1798-1852), Greta Caspersdottir (c1798-?), Simon Mattson Myllynen (1810-1857), Sofia Henriksdottir Ampuja (c1812-?), Henric Mårtensson Lambin (1806-1837), Walb Johansdottir Ruottin (1808-?), Henric Henricson Miettinen (c1804-1836), and Anna Andersdottir Toivain (1802-?).

Soon I will finish up the writing contest submission. After that, the Christmas project requires a lot of research before I can begin choosing a subject and drafting the story. During the months in between, I can manage the shorter, regular writing tasks.

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