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52 Stories #8—Shared Experiences

My husband/tech advisor and I married over 42 years ago. Consequently, we have lots of shared memories. Let’s see if I can recall a few of the highlights:

1972—Mutual friends introduced us at the University of Wyoming.

1973—We went to a movie on our first date, became inseparable, and got engaged later that year. He received a B.S. in engineering that spring and began graduate school.

1974—We were married at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Casper, Wyoming. We honeymooned in Hawaii where we tried surfing. We never did it again.

1975—I received a B.A. in education. He received an M.S. in engineering. We moved to Austin, Texas.

1976—We embarked on our first jobs. He worked at Texas Instruments while I taught in a Lutheran school.

1977—I began law school at the University of Texas at Austin.

1978—We bought our first house.

1979—Our eldest son was born.

1980—I graduated from law school. We returned to our home town in Wyoming, and he went to work for Tooke Engineering. We attended his first high school reunion.

1981—I went to work as a Petroleum Landman for Gulf Oil and Exploration Company. He began spending evening and weekends as a sports referee.

1982—He took a new job with MiniMart convenience stores managing the computer department. I volunteered as a piano accompanist at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

1984—Our younger son was born. Our eldest son started kindergarten. We took a 10th anniversary cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.

1985—I was transferred to Colorado after Gulf was sold to Chevron Corporation. He left MiniMart and went to work for McDonnell Douglas in Aurora, CO. We began long careers as sports and Boy Scout parents, starting with soccer and moving on through swimming, tee ball, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey. The boys both eventually achieved the Eagle Scout rank.

1986—He began free-lance computer consulting, and his work took him to China. I passed the Colorado Bar Exam.

1987—He changed jobs again, going to work for Gates Corporation.

1988—I left Chevron and began a stint as a stay-at-home mom. During those years I taught Sunday School and volunteered as a Cub Scout Den Mother.

1990—He had back surgery the same week our house was severely damaged in a hail storm.

1992—I went back to work as a substitute teacher in the local middle and high schools. He stopped refereeing and began arranging handbell music.

1993—We joined in a family hunting trip to Grand Teton National Park, and our eldest son got his first elk.

1994—We took a Caribbean cruise for our 20th anniversary.

1995—I began a 4-year stint on the Colorado Genealogical Society Board of Directors.

1996—I went to work part-time for the local library district.

1997—Our eldest son graduated from high school and began college at my husband/tech advisor’s engineering school.

1999—We took another Caribbean cruise for our 25th anniversary.

2000—He had a second back surgery.

2001—We took a third Caribbean cruise with the in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary. Our older son graduated from the University of Wyoming.

2002—Our younger son graduated from high school and joined the Army.

2003—We joined Bethany Lutheran Church. We took my dad on a 75th birthday trip to England and Scotland in May. Our younger son began attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in August, and we became West Point Parents. We attended Plebe Parent weekend and our first All-Service Academy Ball. Over the next four years we took several trips to West Point for special events, and we used that as a launching spot for vacations in every direction—Niagara Falls, Fort Ticonderoga, Philadelphia and Valley Forge, Boston and Cape Cod.

2004—He began bell ringing with the Bethany Carillons Handbell Choir, and I joined the group the following year.

2007—Our son graduated from West Point and got married.

2008—We took a Rhine River cruise with my husband’s brother and his wife. I retired. Our first granddaughter was born, and we attended her baptism.

2009—Our first grandson was born.

2010—Our elder son was married, and we acquired two step-grandaughters.

2011—Our second grandson was born. I left the handbell choir and joined the Bethany Chancel Choir. That Christmas, I had the opportunity to perform Handel’s Messiah. We sold the house the boys grew up in and bought a patio home.

2012—Another granddaughter was born.

2013—We took a trip to Norway to celebrate our birthdays. We visited farms where our ancestors had lived in Hedmark and Nordland.

2014—We traveled to spots my ancestors lived in Finland and Russia to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We joined the Sons of Norway and became active in Fjelldalen Lodge.

2015—With the Chancel Choir, I performed Bach’s St. John’s Passion in German. I was elected Musician of the Sons of Norway Lodge.

2016—We took our first train trip when we rode Amtrak’s California Zephyr to San Francisco. I represented Fjelldalen Lodge at the District Six Convention.


This list cannot contain all we did over the years. It simply lists the high points I can recall in one sitting.

Lots of great memories!








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